Tom Edwards

The Kilmarnock Collection

The son of a farm worker and an artist, Tom Edwards was brought up in a tied cottage on a farm in the South Wales borders. Though they had nothing of material worth, Tom and his two sisters grew up with the natural wealth of the glorious Wye Valley right outside their door.

With a huge garden to supplement their diet, the gardening bug passed from parents to children and as a result Tom loves nothing more than being outside, be it in the garden or out walking in the landscape his dad once tilled for others.

Politics were a regular topic of conversation and the news was always playing on the radio or the TV, which led Tom into the world of newspaper journalism and eventually from there into the world of IT - training journalists in how to use systems and opening his eyes to a whole new world of work. Life’s been good and varied, but the best parts have been meeting some brilliant, dedicated people along the way and helping make their working lives as painless as possible.

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