Martin Trainer

The Kilmarnock Collection

'The End' by Heeby Jeebys (Sean Maddocks on keybord, Martin Trainer on percussion, John Davidson on vocals/guitar, John C Grant on fiddle)

“I have been drumming and providing percussion in various bands for around 14 years now. I began in a band called ‘10:51’ playing various gigs around Ayrshire and Glasgow and subsequently joined ‘Starstudded78’ - who were amassing a large following across Ayrshire. We played various gigs across Britain, including a show in Hay-On-Wye, Wales, for legendary music industry executive Alan McGee (discovered Oasis). My biggest compliment came from Alan McGee at that show who said about my drumming, while addressing the crowd after our performance - ‘Scotland has always produced excellent drummers.’

Nowadays, I am a science teacher and play in one of Ayrshire’s most well known function bands ‘Rogues Gallery’ as well as provide percussion for ‘The Heeby Jeebys”

  • Martin Trainer

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