Grant Forsyth

The Kilmarnock Collection

“I was born and raised in Kilmarnock during a time of great music and a prolific period for local bands. I went to see a lot of the local bands and gained a love for live music, as well as some good friends. Not being able to sing a note I decided to learn an instrument and went from clarinet at school, to guitar and eventually the bass. Being a shortage of bass players at the time, I was asked to join a band. This was one of the best experiences of my life, beginning in small venues and ending up playing local festivals.

The love of music never left me and a few years later I was involved in promoting local bands, sourcing venues around the country and in Ireland too. I have never stopped going to see live music either and attend gigs most of the year.

Music also introduced me to the other passion in my life, American cars. Rockabilly and rock all have songs about hot rods, muscle cars and road trips which started my interest. One of my friends also bought a Trans Am and as soon as I heard the burble of the V8, then I was hooked. I have owned several cars over the last twenty years and still enjoy taking my current car out for a burl.

Thanks to music and my love of cars, I have met some good friends over the years. John C Grant is one of those people who I’ve met going to gigs and sharing similar tastes in music. We also enjoy a love of old cars and recently have been enjoying the fun of camper/van ownership.

Many thanks to John for dedicating his composition to me and appreciate all the good times over the years.” - Grant

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